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How To Get Started With TikTok Ads At Your Dealership

Oct 27, 2023

Understanding TikTok Ads

The world of social media advertising is vast and constantly evolving, with TikTok being the latest platform to capture the attention of users and marketers alike. TikTok, a video-sharing social networking service, has amassed over 800 million active users worldwide. The platform's unique algorithm and high engagement rates make it an appealing avenue for businesses to reach potential customers. With its newly launched self-service ad platform, it's now easier than ever for businesses, including car dealerships, to get started with TikTok ads.

TikTok Ads

Setting Up Your TikTok Ads Account

Before you can start advertising on TikTok, you'll need to create a TikTok Ads account. This process is straightforward and similar to setting up accounts on other social media platforms. After filling in your business information, you'll need to add your payment details, and you're ready to go.

Creating Your Ad Campaign

Once your account is set up, you can start creating your ad campaign. This involves setting a campaign objective, which could be driving traffic to your website, increasing conversions, or raising brand awareness. Next, you'll set your budget and schedule, and then move on to creating your ad group.

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Targeting Your Audience

TikTok offers a range of targeting options to ensure your ads reach the right audience. You can target users based on their location, age, gender, interests, and more. Additionally, TikTok allows you to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences, similar to other social media ad platforms. For car dealerships, it's crucial to target people in your local area and those who have shown an interest in buying a car.

Designing Your Ad

The next step is designing your ad. TikTok is all about creativity and authenticity, so it's important to create ads that reflect this. You can use the TikTok Video Creation Kit to design your ad, which offers a range of templates and editing tools. Remember to keep your ad engaging and concise, with a clear call-to-action.

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Monitoring and Optimizing Your Ads

Once your ad is live, it's important to monitor its performance and make any necessary adjustments. TikTok provides detailed analytics so you can see how your ads are performing in terms of views, clicks, conversions, and more. Use this data to optimize your ads and improve their performance over time. Remember, advertising is a constant process of testing, learning, and optimizing.


TikTok offers a unique and effective way for car dealerships to reach potential customers. With its high engagement rates and targeting options, it's an advertising platform that's worth considering. So why wait? Start exploring the possibilities of TikTok ads for your dealership today!