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Marketing & Advertising

Let Big Click manage your digital marketing
campaign with our highly skilled team of Google certified marketers.

Who we are

We have been in the digital marketing game since 2010. We specialize in automotive, trades, professional speakering, PPC and Social Media Marketing. We have been serving the clients all over North America for the past 8 years where we work with all types of businesses to identify which channels and budgets will get you the best results for your budget. Companies who work with us are highly profitable and have a clear understanding how their marketing budgets and campaigns are performing.

Google Ads

With the Google Premier Partner badge and a Google Top Contributor all of our paid campaigns for Google & Facebook advertising go through a high level of scrutiny, we ensure that we adhere to all best practises so that you are always up to date and relevant with the strategy and execution we provide.

Social Media Advertising

With years and over millions of dollars managing Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn advertising we can deliver a diversity of leads to your business and make sure that we are targeting your audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can have the nicest website in the world but if nobody can find it then who cares? Big Click Media specializes in search engine optimization and local seo optimization with all aspects of your on-site and off-site rankings. We provide a monthly report so you can follow the progress and strategies we employ. We attend all training events and seminars and are very active in the SEO community so we can provide a high value SEO product for your business.

Video Creative & Advertising

Our in-house team can work with you from front to back offering you a one of a kind visual experience, we not only tell compelling stories we know how to get the right kind of eyeballs on your content with our in-house Youtube Guru and proven track record delivering results. We participate in all Google beta programs so we can bring you the latest tools to give your business an advantage.

How we do it

Some of the tools we use to help you measure and track the results.



Google Tag Manager

Marking up your site is vital to be able to track which channel, button, form or event is bringing you the most business.



Facebook Pixel

Using the Facebook pixel we are able to attribute what happens on your website after people leave Facebook. This is also great to measure the overall impact of your Facebook advertising campaigns and allows us to remarket to customers looking at your products.

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Our Team

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Mike Blackmore
President and CEO
Vikram Shah
Digital Marketing Specialist
Blair Hupka
Creative Director - Storyteller