Google Tag Manager

Launch new tags with just a few clicks. Google Tag Manager supports both Google and third-party tags, and is the web’s most popular enterprise-grade tag management solution. Big Click specializes in Google Tag Manager.

Why Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is packed with lots of great solutions to take the pain out of website tagging.

Google Tag Manager Usability

Google Tag Manager was designed with marketers in mind, but its user-friendly design makes it a hit among webmasters and IT folks as well. Google Tag Manager gives you full control over how your tags fire and are defined. Control when and how your tags fire, to get all of the data you need. Give us a call today to help set up your Tag Manager!

Automated Tag Management

Big Click Media can customize your infrastructure with the full-featured Google Tag Manager API. Build your own solutions and set better integrations to fit your existing workflow.

Need Some Help?

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